May 15, 2018

Kids Email~ Ad Free, Spam Free, and Totally Safe for Kids {a Review}

Kids Email~ No Ads, No Spam, Safe! {a review}
A couple years ago, my boys were able to have their own email with Kids Email. They thoroughly enjoyed their year subscription, but we opted to not continue it at the time. My oldest (now age 12) has asked me quite often in the recent months if he could have his own email to send messages to his friends. Because of my personal experiences with so many email providers, I did not want to sign him up with any that I have used myself. Needless to say, when I learned that we had a chance to review the annual subscription for Kids Email Safe Email for Kids again, I knew the boys would be thrilled. I was curious to see if anything had changed.

About Kids Email

Kids Email is a safe and powerful email resource for your children.

May 9, 2018

Exploring Hard Topics with Sweet Books by Kayla Jarmon {Product Review}

As parents there are times we going to have to deal with tough topics--like the idea of where babies come from, and what happens after death. It can be hard to find the right words to talk about these topics when our children are young. There are lot of "how to" books for us as parents to read, but there really aren't a lot of options out there for us to read as a more casual discussion. Especially in the form of picture books or books to read aloud as a family. Needless to say I was interested to review three books by Kayla Jarmon, including two which are from her Discussion Book Series--tackling hard topics in a read aloud form.

About the Books

Kayla Jarmon is Christian mother, wife, and homeschooler. She loves storytelling, which has blossomed into her authoring a increasing collection of books for families! Her collection is starting with three lovely books:

Taking Time for Wordless Wednesday

I haven't done one in a long time...but I figured today was a good day to join Wordless Wednesday